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Open Economy Macroeconomics

  International Trade / Finance



''Trade Facilitation in the Presence of Non-independent Impediments,'' (with J. Julio Mancuso-Tradenta & C. Tombazos), The World Economy, forthcoming
''Regional Inequality in the U.S.: Evidence from City-level Purchasing Power,'' (with C.Y. Choi & A. Chudik), Journal of Regional Science, 60, 4, 2020, 83-126
''Entry, Trade, and Exporting over the Cycle,'' (with G. Alessandria), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 51, S1, 2019, 83-126
''Trade Integration and the Trade Balance in China,'' (with G. Alessandria and D. Lu), IMF Economic Review, 65, 2017, 633-674
''Precautionary Saving of Chinese and US Households,'' (with S. Lugauer and N. C. Mark), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 49, 2017, 635-661

''The Role of Two Frictions in Geographic Price Dispersion: When Market Friction Meets Nominal Rigidity,'' (with C.Y. Choi) Journal International Money and Finance, 63, 2016, 1-27.

''Microeconomic Uncertainty, International Trade, and Aggregate Fluctuations,'' (with G. Alessandria, J.P. Kaboski & V. Midrigan) Journal of Monetary Economics, 69, 2015, 20-38.

''Establishment Heterogeneity, Exporter Dynamics, and the Effects of Trade Liberalization,'' (with G. Alessandria) Journal of International Economics, 94, 2014, 207-223.

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''Do Falling Iceberg Costs Explain Recent U.S. Export Growth?'' (with G. Alessandria) Journal of International Economics, 94, 2014, 311-325.

''Does Distance Reflect More Than Transport Costs?'' (with C.Y. Choi) Economics Letters,. 125, 2014, 82-86.

''Endogenous Discounting, the World Saving Glut and the U.S. Current Account,'' (with N. C. Mark & D. Sul) Journal of International Economics, 75, 2008, 30-53.


''Do Sunk Costs of Exporting Matter for Net Export Dynamics?'' (with G. Alessandria) Quarterly Journal of Economics, 122, 2007, 289-336. 

  Other Publications


"Understanding Exports from the Plant Up" (with G. Alessandria), Business Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Q4, 2010, 1-11.

  Working Papers


''The Role of Labor Share in Relative Price Divergence,'' (with R. Greenaway-McGrevy, Y.S. Kim & D. Sul).
''Optimal Tariffs and Capital Deepening," (with H. Ko).